Hello darlings~

If you like Magi, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, yaoi and random, quirky things then by all means welcome and feel free to come bask with me in our fandoms.

I post the occasional cosplay photos as well. But honestly right now it's all about Magi <3

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Hello! I l know it's not my business, but i really really hope you will feel better soon. Stay strong! A lot of hugs to you <3

But I don’t think that’s gonna happen

Today is another day where I just want to get out. This anxiety is killing me. Sometimes I feel like I’m dying.

"Think I'm steel Tough as nails Never feel Never fail But you're wrong So damn wrong Feel the weight Of your hate I still bleed My heart aches As you take And You take... But I'll take it all on And get up when I fall Till the last curtain call"

There are days I just want to die and tonight the feeling is stronger than ever.

I haven’t been happy for quite awhile.

Pickup line: I will cosplay OTP with you

Panties will come flying off~

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